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Celebrating Uniqueness
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affirmed that inclusion is important when determining their employer of choice.

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of people who say they’re not treated with respect also experienced discrimination or harassment at work.

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of employees are more likely to go out of their way for colleagues in organizations with higher inclusivity.

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High Belonging was linked to a 56% increase in job performance.
Harvard Business Review

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of inclusive teams are more likely to make better decisions.
Korn Ferry

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of People expect brands to promote diversity and inclusion in their online advertising.

A Sense of Belonging is Essential in Every Workplace

It creates meaning for employees that enables them to connect to your organization. If you haven’t already heard this, here are some numbers:

Welcome to a Belonging Organization

In cultures of Belonging, people are valued for who they are and seen as vital contributors. We celebrate the unique talents, experiences, or perspectives each person brings to an organization because it’s essential that we all feel welcomed in our communities, regardless of whether we have different backgrounds than others or not! There is no correct answer when building this environment.

However, by examining behaviors together with awareness built in about what changes need to be made, we can help create spaces where everyone feels accepted while working towards something more significant.

The Right Culture is Everything

Building a Belonging culture is the intelligent thing to do. When employees believe they Belong, their engagement and commitment increase significantly, as do innovative ideas that lead directly towards better business results for your company!

We want to make your employees happy and give you the tools for success! Schedule a call with us, where we can discuss how building a Belonging culture will help your organization thrive.

How We Partner on Your Belonging Journey

We want to make your employees happy and give you the tools for success! Schedule a call with us, where we can discuss how building a Belonging culture will help your organization thrive.

Measure: Belong Organization Index

We take a unique approach to understand your organization’s culture by crafting an effective survey that measures employee sentiment, cultural competency levels, and alignment to company core values, so leaders can identify challenging areas to overcome.

Insights: Thought Leadership

With decades of experience, a reputation for results, and forward-looking insights, our team of informed opinion leaders steer organizations in the right direction towards becoming a ‘Belonging Organization.’

Plan: Strategy Consultation

With a clear vision of your organization’s future state, we collaborate to outline a plan to achieve it. Then, we assist with prioritizing and easing execution so you can reap benefits from this strategy as soon as possible.

Action: Workshops/ Training/Focus Groups

We help organizations create brave space for honest conversations and collaboration by activating teams of diverse people to influence organizational change.

Cultivate: Culture Coaching

When leaders need to communicate in a more approachable manner, they can turn towards the DIB coach for help. This individual will act as a sounding board and guide them through risky matters that could cause harm both personally or professionally all while main taining sound business practices.

Building a Belonging Organization Framework


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Words From Our Clients Building Belonging Organizations


When you’re in the right place, your talents are appreciated and valued as we do great work. Our Culture Talk workshops help foster a sense of Belonging by allowing teammates to connect and discuss their identities, cultural differences, and challenges, in a supportive environment. These sessions provide us with the awareness, tools, and mental models we need to enable an engaging employee experience where we thrive while embracing each other’s uniqueness. Building a Belonging Organization is an endless and exciting journey that allows our team to be and perform at their best.

Sabina Ewing
Global CIO Abbott

It was vital to our Racial Equity Journey initiative’s success to partner with a team that takes the time to get to know us, learn about our culture, and offer options for the opportunities we have to enhance the employee experience at PepsiCo.
The PepsiCo Let’s Talk thought leadership series was designed to help people leaders and individual contributors create inclusive environments. The thought leaders and their content from real-life experiences helped open the minds of our team members and drive behavior changes for better business outcomes. In addition, the series provided resources and tools for employees to continue conversations during their day-to-day interactions with others while living PepsiCo’s Core Values.

Fern Johnson
CTO Vice President
PepsiCo, Inc.

To make the Suffolk County government a career destination, I needed a data-driven starting point for where we are as a Belonging Organization. As a result, we administered the Belonging Organization Index (BOI), gained many new insights, validated some of our understanding, and were shocked by several outlying sentiments. Using this unique approach, we enhanced our strategy, and are developing plans to correct and modify opportunities for employees in the County. The BOI is informing our development of success measures that show how we’re making a material difference to become the employer of choice on Long Island.

Retha Fernandez
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Suffolk County

Watch The Conversation Between Ibrahim Jackson and Joseph Press As They Dig Deep Into Building Belonging Organizations

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